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We are currently recruiting all ranged dps for our 10 man.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Imly on the forums or Twidles in game.
                                                                             Thanks, Imly

Other Guild News

Lady Deathwhisper aint so Lady-Like

Aralan, Jul 9, 10 2:18 AM.
After some initial problems with the transitions on Deathwhisper we took several cracks at her to no success. However on the next raid we of course came back in a fine fashion and pwned her on the first heroic attempt.

Spreading out for Marrowgar is a hard thing to do. ;-)

Aralan, Jul 9, 10 2:16 AM.
After several attempts on Marrowgar that met untimely demises due to the frikkin Bone Storm we finally got down to a strategy that appeared to work better. Run like a girl!!!!

The Un-Frozen Throne and the Fall of the Lich King

Aralan, May 20, 10 1:27 AM.



After having some challenges with consistency on Phase 2 we put in some very good performances last night and tonight. Getting through phase 2 looking like champs with defiles never in the inner circle and most valk's never leaving it. Great job on switching up the strategy for Vile Spirits and excellent job adjusting on the spot to other changes based on who got picked up or put under. Long live the chair people, peas and our group of Seventh Circle friends and family!!!!

Welcome to the Seventh Circle guild website!

Guild Code of Conduct.

1.     Mission Statement – Our mission first and foremost is to remove the drama and issues from the general guild makeup. We as a group are looking to make this a fun, adult and pleasant home for all our members. The members within the guild will be hand-selected in order to help this effort. Since you are interested in joining our guild we require that you read the following guidelines to make sure that this seems to be the right home for you within World of Warcraft.
2.    Purpose - The purpose of this guild is to be a semi-casual guild that can progress initially in 10 man raiding content within WoW, specifically Wrath of the Lich King. Our expectation is to continue these activities on a regular basis that matches with our guilds level of interest, participation quality and attendance. Other activities such as PVP, 5-man instancing and other events are of course welcome but not necessarily run by the guild leadership, therefore the person setting up these events determines the rules for that event. Address any major concerns with the guild leadership.
3.    General Behavior – Our guild is a group of mostly mature but humorous individuals that allow us all to relax, unwind and have a good time. This is a game and our general guidelines will be kept short to make this clear. Treat others with respect and courtesy, humorous joking and jibing is welcome and expected but please be courteous in your interactions. We do not tolerate ranting, raving, flaming and general malcontent and sincerely hope that you can find a home that suites your personality.
4.    Issues - Issues will come up and questions will occur and we accept these openly, we simply want to make sure that they are handled in a mature fashion. We will do our very best to ensure that all materials are available to you in order to succeed and make this a comfortable environment for you to enjoy.
5.    Raiding – It is important to note that your acceptance in the guild does not have any expectation or commitment that you will be guaranteed a raid spot in any level of content. We are a semi-casual guild which means you are not required to raid or to attend a certain quota of raiding on a weekly or percentage basis. If you are further interested in 10 man or higher raiding please see our Raiding Code of Conduct which discusses these items in detail.
6.    Officers/Leadership – We have intentionally provided a certain number of officers, leaders and veteran members in order to ensure others from the guild are available that you can go to with questions or concerns. If you have questions please reach out. If you have concerns please address them with an officer. Each officer is selected with the intention of treating your concern appropriately and maturely while protecting the best interest of all involved.
7.    How you can Help? – We need assistance. There are definitely ways that each member can help to do their share in order to make this a successful guild. It is expected that each member will participate in recruiting and improvement of the guild to some extent. Although the officers will make final decisions about who joins the guild we accept recommendations whole-heartedly. As we go through and establish Guild access bank tabs and other services we definitely encourage your support and assistance in whatever areas you are interested in.
8.    Application process – If you have friends, family, etc that are interested in putting in an application they can do this online through the forums we provide. Simple go to the Recruitment section. Our process is to review the short application form, follow up with potentially an interview of the individual and then make a decision between the officers as to that application followed by a 30-day trial period before full membership. Applications will normally not be denied unless a person’s personality or past history reflect that they wouldn’t be a good fit within our society.
9.    Leadership – Imly

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